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simple fitness tips to have a good physique

Simple tips for fitness success:

  • Exercise daily for at least an hour

Exrecise daily for at least an hour

  • Yoga and meditation keeps you relax

yoga and meditation keeps you relax

  • simple workouts

  • Make sure you're eating healthy

Make sure your eating healthy

  • keep track of calories and food intake per day
  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible

  • five foods you should eat every day

  • Be sure that you have a good sleep

Be sure that you have a good sleep

How I have to get a great body??

  • Walk for about 15-30 minutes after dinner, before going to sleep. This walk is important because it will help your stomach to digest food properly and will prevent pyrosis or heartburn
  • Do your cardio. 
  • Cardio is a great way to burn calories and get your body in shape

Types of fitness tips:

There are four types of exercises:

1.balance exercise:

  • Balance exercise improves your ability control and stabilize your body control.
  • This type of exercise is particularly important for old adults because balance gets worse with age.

2.strengthen exercise:

  • Strengthen exercise work your muscles by resistance.
  • This type of exercise improves your lean muscle mass which is particularly important for weight loss.
  • weight lifting, push-ups, crunches are types of strengthening exercises.

3.Aerobic exercise:

Aerobic exercises work your cardiovascular system-they get your heart rate up and breath harder.
This may reduce the risk of cancer.
Running,swimming and dancing are activities of aerobics.

4.flexibility exercise:

Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles.
They improve your flexibility.
Reduce the risk of injury during sports time.
It will improve your range of motion at your joints.

you should have to involve four exercises in your workouts.
You should have to take a healthy food.
A good swim or run can reduce the risk of heart disease.
Walking is simple exercise keep healthy.
Walking after having food improves digestion.

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