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how to grow nails naturally using simple remedies

Simple tips for nail growth

tips for nail growth 


The first and most important thing is to nourish your hands. After bath, nourish your hands with moisturizer. While washing dishes, always wear plastic gloves for the safety of your nails. Don’t use chemical soap for your hands, always use herbal soaps. Use hand creams for your hands.


Avoid bad habits. If you have a habit of biting your nails, quit this. Chewing gums can help you to quit this habit of biting nails. 
Or apply lemon juice on your nails, in this way you never bite your nails.



 Always polish your nails with nail color

How To grow your nails stronger?

Vitamin A, Vitamin B9, Vitamin c are the best vitamins for growing nails.
Lemons help for growth of healthy nails. It is used to remove the yellow stains as it will act as a bleaching agent.
Eggs, oats, beans, Sunflower seeds, salmon, are the foods make your nails strong.
Olive oil, coconut oil, egg shells, lemon juice,are the best home remedies to grow nails strong
Vitamins and minerals are the best nutrients to grow nails faster.
Olive oil keep your nails as a moisturizer as it is rich in vitamin E.
Coconut improves blood circulation in nails.
Egg shells are rich in proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium which are essential for nails growth.
Lemon juice make the nails smooth if used frequently.
The vitamin C and the antioxidants present in orange juice helps for a faster and stronger growth of nails.
Tomatoes contain high amounts of biotin which promotes for a healthy growth of nails.
The nails should completely dried after shower because wet nails have tendency to break or chip.
Putting strong chemicals on your nails make to loose the strength of nails.
Baking soda and water are used for whitening the nails.
Take biotin supplements to grow your nails strong.
Pamper your cuiticles.

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