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8 effective nutrient diet that are actually good to keep doctor away

8 effective nutrient diet that are actually good to keep doctor away 

avoid junk food which cause unhealthy

Don't drink sugar calories to have healthy diet:

sugar drinks makes a person obesity,type 2 diabetics and heart diseases .
if we take sugar continuously it will effect the teeth
it will increase the adipose tissue ,which is under the skin

Eat nuts to have nutrient diet:

almonds increase the activeness of brain 
if we consume nuts once in a day ,it will improves vitamins and minerals level 
nuts will boost our metabolism

Don't over cook which results in loss of proteins:

if we overcook the food and eat it will causes the risk of cancer
it also causes the loss of nutrients and vitamins

Don't smoke which make unhealthy:

it infects the lungs and results in heart diseases
in early age it causes cancer too
harmful to others and family members

Eat vegetables and fruits to have complete diet:

vegetables and fruits are best source of nutrients without any fat
they are also rich in proteins and vitamins
they improve resistance power 
it improves the blood level in body

Avoid junk food which cause unhealthy:

it will increase the bad cholesterol and results in heart diseases because the bad fat reduce the pumping blood to heart ,it blocks the valves of heart
it also results in gastric troubles
causes sick frequently
causes indigestion

Do simple cardio to keep doctor away:

just walk more in fresh air
gives mind relief and fresh thoughts

Eat enough protein to be fit and health:

proteins play an important role in our health
it will balances the level of blood
egg and milk have to consume daily for growing children

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Why we have to consume nutrient diet?

Eating a balanced nutrient diet is vital for health and well being
Eating balance diet provides with the nutrients , proteins, essential fats, vitamins, minerals to live, grow, and to survive.
Nutrient, nourishment and aliment, is the supply of materials food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive.
A nutrition diet is important as our organs and cells need proper nutrition to work effectively.
Nutrients can be broken into two categories:
1. macro nutrients,
2. micro nutrients.
proteins ,carbohydrates and fats are macro nutrients.
Vitamins and minerals are micro nutrients.
Eating nutrient food reduce the effect of chronic disease.
Eating nutrient food sometimes reduce the effect of cancer.
Eating a lot of nutrient foods is the easiest way to maintain a healthy diet.
Eating nutrient food help to regulate the body functions.
Combined with healthy diet physical exercise may help you in health.

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