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6 Effective face packs during winter that keeps your skin moisterizer

6 effective face packs during winter that keeps your skin moisterizer with home remedies:

winter face packs

Due to excessive skin drying skin will become crack during winter.This dryness will make the skin to look fairless, life less and dark in color as we use creams made of chemicals can effect our skin so these following home made face packs may helpful to get a beautiful skin during winter.

Papaya facepack:

papaya face pack

 materials required:



mix one table spoon of papaya paste,two table spoon of oat meal,one tea spoon lemon and one white egg thoroughly and apply all over face and neck.let it sit for twenty minutes and wash your face.


Papaya does all the wonders with this pack Which is loaded with a good cleanser, scrub and hydrating elements which result a glowing clear skin.

Banana face pack:

banana face pack

Ingredients required :

banana, milk


Mix one table spoon of mashed banana paste and oe tea spoon of coconut oil well and apply it over your face on for 30 minutes and wash.


Banana and coconut oil acts as a moisteriser and keep our akin from cracking.

Milk cream Face Pack:

honey and milk cream pack

Ingredients required:

Milk cream,honey.


Mix one tea spoon of milk cream and honey.Apply all over the face. after 15 minutes rinse your face with warm water and with cold water with a splash of cold water for freshness. 


The combination of milk cream and honey is a wonderful skin moisturiser.

Cocoa Butter Face pack:

cocoa butter pack

Ingredients required:

cocoa butter, olive oil,ginger paste.


Nourish your skin with deep moisturising blend of a spoonful of cocoa butter,olive oil and a pinch of a ginger paste . apply to your face and wash after 15 minutes.


Gives you a greet glowing and soft skin.


Avoid cocoa butter if your skin is acne prone.

Almond Face pack:

almond face pack

Ingredients required:

Almond powder,milk.


Make a paste and apply it over the face.Keep it for ten minutes. Massage gently and wash over.


Using this pack will reduce dryness and make your skin softer.


Don't use milk products if you are alergic to it.

Egg Yolk face pack:

egg yolk face pack

Ingredients required:

2 egg yolks,3-4 drops of olive oil.


Add the olive oil to the egg yolks and whip them to get a stable mixture. apply it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes.


Use this pack for twice a week during winter gives you a glowing skin.


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