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Using home remedies turn white hair to black hair naturally without any chemical dyes

home remedies for white hair

Nowadays one of the most frustrating problem of modern lifestyle is white hair.due to many causes white hair was occuring to each and every one irrespetive of age. One  of the major cause is food we this problem can be prevented by following some steps.

Some of the causes:

  • Harmones:

Due to harmonal imbalance  their is a chance to get this type of problems(whitening of hair). It may cause much impact on the pigmentation of hair.

  • Deficiency Of Melanin

In most of the times, a deficiency of melanin is the leads cause of hair whitening. The production of melanin depends upon appropriate nutrition and protein supplements.

  •  Stress

Stress causes prematured greying of hair also intaking of fast foods

  •  Chemicals
Now a days we are using most of the chemical based products which consists highly concentrated toxics like shampoos,different types of oils,hair dryers which releases  heat can cause hair to turn its color

  • Deficiency of viatmin b12

This vitamin plays an important role in your body. It gives you energy, plus it contributes to healthy hair growth and hair color.

Your body needs vitamin B-12 for healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen to cells in your body, including hair cells. A deficiency can weaken hair cells and affect melanin production.

  • Thyroid disorder:

The health of your thyroid can also influence the color of your hair. An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause your body to produce less melanin.


  • Fenugreek seeds paste for White hair:

Ingredients need:  methi seeds or fenugreek seeds , curd

Preparation process:    soak a cup of methi seeds over night in a water , grind it as fine paste and then mix it with 2 tablespoons of curd.

Apply:  Prepared paste is apply to hair evenly to each and every root of a hair and wait for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

Usage:  Thrice a week can give you best results

Gooseberry  for white hair :

Ingredients need: gooseberries, warm water

Preparation process: make the paste of gooseberry and mix it warm water.

Apply: gently apply and massage on the scalp and apply it on full quantities and let it dry, after that wash it with warm water.

Usage:  Repeate twice a week for best results.

  • Hibiscus flower  for white hair:

Ingredients need: hibiscus flowers and coconut nut oil or almond oil.

Preparation process: dry the flowers before the one week in hot sun then the dried leaves should mix with coconut oil or almond oil. The content can be stored in tightly fixed bottle.

Apply: Now apply the content to the hair gently and massage it well , mind that it should immerse deeper in to the roots.

Usage: It  should used  as a daily routine oil which gives a best output.

  • Coconut oil :

Ingredients need: coconut oil , neam leaves

Preparation process: boil the neam leaves in the coconut oil for half an hour. now store it in air free container.

Apply:  apply to entire hair means root, scalp etc...

Usage: You can use it daily gives best result

  •  Ridge gaurd for white hair:

Ingredients need: Ridge guards ,coconut oil.

Preparation process: Take the finely choped ridge guards and dry it well for 3 to 4 days and completely dried pieces are soaked in coconut oil and it is stored in air tight jar.

Apply: Apply gently through out the scalp use it as a daily routine oil. 

 Usage:It should be apply once a day can prevent the trending problem.

  • Onion Paste For white Hair:

Ingredients need: onions

Preparation process: Make the fine paste.

Apply: apply it to entire hair and stay for half an hour.

Usage: Can use once a week gives best results

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