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Nature's Essence fruit facial kit review with almond,orange,saffron,apple and coconut

Hello every one !

It was a great idea that facials at home. I am basically very lazy to go for parlors at all the times.So i felt that to buy a facial kit and i researched many brands finally i got nature's product that is Nature's Essence fruit facial kit which was fabulous.Trust me that it will work out to everyone and it is suitable for all skin types and it will available for very low price.Girls come on it was good news to every middle class girl and also another advantage is that we can save our valuable time instead of going parlors.

fruit facial kit


 Nature's Essence fruit facial kit is packed with orange color rectangular box inside with the plastic holder kept with five tubes. The quantity of one pack can be at least used for ten times.

 Nature's Essence fruit facial kit.

Nature's Essence fruit facial kit  it is a blend of vitaminised fruits with almond,orange,saffron,apple and coconut.The special properties of these nourishing fruits impart natural glow,enhanced skin texture and fair complexion to crave for.Nature's Essence fruit facial kit  Suitable for all skin type.

  • Net content: 56g + 12ml + 65ml FACE WASH , includes following items:

  1.     Almond Care-12 Ml,
  2.     Orange Scrub Pack-16Gms,
  3.     Saffron Care-12 Gms,
  4.     Apple Pack-16 Gms,
  5.     Coconut Care-12 Gms

  •   PRICE: INR 190


ingredients in natures facial kit



It is basically used for cleansing purpose it clears the skin more perfect than a face wash. Its fragrance is quiet decent. The consistency of the cream was runny and it blends in to skin easily.

almond care in natures fruit facial kit

A non-foaming cleansing lotion which helps to remove the deep seated pollutants and dirt particles from skin pores. Regular use ensures fresh clean look. Ideal for removing the traces of make-up.

USAGE: Take little lotion on a cotton ball and clean the face and neck thorougly after a minute.


It was the second step in the Nature's Essence fruit facial kit. It was the best scrub pack which deeply removes the black heads in the skin. I feel that it gives best relief from black-heads.

orange scrub in natures fruit facial kit

A fruit based scrub and pack combination , which helps to dislodge the black-heads and impart a delectable glow on the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin type.

USAGE: Apply the scrub on a wet face, massage gently for 1-2 min and then leave it on for 15 min, Let it dry and clean with normal water.


It was the third step in the Nature's Essence fruit facial kit. I feel very relaxing after massaging with this saffron care.

saffron care in natures fruit facial kit

An ayurvedic face massage formula with anti-ageing properties to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Helps in contracting dryness and improves the skin texture.

USAGEUse the required cream for face massage after thorough cleansing. Massage for 10-15 minutes and clean traces with moist cotton.


It was the fourth step in the Nature's Essence fruit facial kit. It was my favourite pack after applying this it gives a glowing skin and tights the skin. I like it very much

apple pack in natures fruit facial kit

An apple based face pack which improves the skin texture , firmness and elasticity. An ideal choice for instant glowing effect.

USAGE: Apply the pack on the face and neck & clean after 15 minutes of application.


It was the final step in facial process. It is used to keep the skin moisturize. But I felt that it was too oily. I avoid this last step because my skin was basically oily and after using this it still produces oily.

coconut care in natures fruit facial kit

Based on ayurvedic formula, this cream improves the skin complextion, reduces tanning effect of sun while maintaining the suppleness of the skin.

USAGE: Apply the cream as an moisturizing radiance cream and massage it on face until it gets absorbed.


  • suits for all skin types
  • convenient packing
  • affordable prize
  • gives best results


  •  coconut cream produces too oily.
  •  less hygenic of a pack.

Rating: 4/5

Nature's Essence fruit facial kit review with almond,orange,saffron,apple and coconut Reviewed by beautyhealthmania on December 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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