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Overnight beauty tips that should necessarily follow while you are going to sleep to wake without any flawless

Overnight beauty tips you must follow while you are going to sleep:

Believe it or not while sleeping the body is very busy in repairing the body and recover any damage .Who knew you could sneak in some beauty treatments while you were sleeping? We are recommending this easy tips try them and follow you will observe a good change.

tips to follow while sleeping in night

Apply castor oil to eyelashes:

castor oil for growth of eyebrows and eye lashes

  • Clean a maskara tube and fill it with castor oil
  • Before going to sleep apply this oil to the eyebrows and eyelashes 
  • Then you will see a good growth
  • This is very easy and simple to do 
  • Avoid creams try this simple natural tips 

Apply coconut oil to lips:

coconut oil for lips to get smooth lips

  • Apply coconut oil 
  • And massage for 2 minutes
  • It acts as moisturizer
  • It keeps your lips kissable and smooth 
  • Natural pink color will be obtain for your lips

Nailed it:

care for nails with moisturizer

  • Most of the people will think that face and hair is important to take care and neglect feet and nails
  • But we also take care of them
  • For that apply moisturizer and massage around nails and cuticles for 5 minutes then you will see a good result and your nails look  very shiny and become healthy
Wear socks to your feet:

wear sock before going to bed

  • Before you are going to bed apply vaseline or moisturizer and wear socks to your feet 
  • So that if any cracks or dryness is repaired 
  • If you do this repeatedly 3 weeks you will see a better result 
  • Prefer cotton socks for better result

 My experience after following this tips:

  • Follow this simple and easy tips you will get a good look without going saloon
  • With this natural remedies you will not have any side effects 
  • Hope this tips are useful for you
  • I personally follow this tips and really 
  • I got a good change and natural beauty look 
  • With low cost get a saloon look at home

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