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Top 16 foods that naturally increase your brain, memory and concentration

How can I boost my brain power naturally?

Food plays a major role in our health. Everyone are aware of that eating healthy is the best medicine for all your mental and physical comfort. To keep our brain more active and healthy we need to take nutrition food. Actually, the weight of the human brain is 3 pounds. The brain requires particular food for proper functioning and to be more energetic

These are the some of the top lists of brain foods that keep your brain dynamic and vital.


Eggs are the rich quality protein, it contains vitamin B-12. Many researchers say that an egg a day can do for your brain extremely. It is the most elementary neurotransmitters. It acts as a brain protective antioxidant. 


Tomatoes are basically an easily and economically available vegetable. Powerful antioxidants are found in the tomatoes. It is mainly used to increase brain growth. Nerves in the brain will be more active.


These are an outstandingly high concentration of  omega-3 fatty acids. Which are the reason to increase the brain power Researches proved that people who eat nuts every day have eternal life when compared to who don't eat?


These are used to reduce the degenerative disorders in the brain and perfectly suited to activate the nerves in the brain. These also reduce short-term memory. So strictly recommended for improvement of brain functionality.

5.Dark Chocolates

Cocoa is used in the dark chocolates. Cocoa is a rich protective of natural neuroprotective compounds. Researches found that consuming dark chocolate regularly improves brain function and increases the flow of blood in the brain. Scientists got the information that people who take dark chocolate regularly have the good willpower.

6.Fatty Fish

It contains omega-3 acids and high fats. These acids are used to keep the brain healthy and also helps to keep the good functioning of the heart.


Turmeric contains powerful medicine properties with bioactive compounds. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. Adding turmeric to your daily diet can keep the brain healthy and works sharply.


Basically, our body can't produce vitamin c. Oranges have rich flavonoids which are used to produce vitamin c and keep the brain healthy and improves the memory and cognition.


It contains vitamin B, vitamin c, and vitamin E and copper etc. It basically contains more than 20 vitamins. The vitamin B present in the avocado helps to relieve from stress and keep healthy functioning of the brain. Help to give a quick response from the brain.

10.Pumpkin Seeds

These are completely filled with nutrition benefits for both body and brain. These are basically recommended for healthy brain development. So highly requested to use at least for a month for your improvement of the brain.


Blackcurrant contains plenty of antioxidants and anthocyanins. These are used to strengthen the immune system and used to increase memory power.

12.Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are good for your brain. To make brain younger green leafy vegetables are necessary on your daily diet. These are also used to keep your face beautiful and reduces hair fall and keeps your digestive system healthy.

13.Olive Oil

It is basically associated with many health benefits. By taking it on our daily diet can preserve the brain from different diseases and keep the brain healthy and sharp. It protects again the Cognitive Decline.


Carrots are highly used to boost the brain. It contains antioxidants, vitamin A, and other high nutrients which increases the energy of the brain and also it can help to reduce the cancer diseases.


It is a fiber it contains rich nutrients, folic acids. Improves brain function and strengthen cognitive abilities. It also prevents constipation. Highly recommended!


It contains vitamin E and high fats. Used to protect the membrane of the brain and transforms the information very fastly and responsive. Keep the brain healthy and sharp and also used to cure other diseases like hormonal imbalance, heart problems etc.


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