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Top 8 Foods that are bad for your brain and memory

what are the bad foods that I should avoid ???

what are the bad foods that I should avoid ???

The brain is the most important organ in our brain. Mainly food is the reason for everything. Either it is good or bad. If we take good food then the functioning of the brain will be active and good otherwise it will impact very severely on the brain and mood of the person. So to avoid this kind of situations we need to take the best foods and to stay away from brain-damaging foods.

  • These are the list of foods that affecting the brain functioning

1.Sugary drinks

sugary drinks bad for you brain

Sugary drinks are very dangerous to health and the brain. Excess intake may cause Alzheimer's disease. Basically, these drinks contain a high amount of fructose. Found that taking a high amount of sugary drinks leads to brain inflammation and lose the capacity of the memory.

2.Refined Carbs

Refined carbs bad for your brain

Actually, these are harmful to our body because these will not absorb into our system as sooner. Taking these carbs will keep us at high risk. Not only the functioning of the brain but also leads to lung diseases and heart diseases etc.


Alcohol bad for your brain

By taking alcohol it is easy to overcome stress pain and negative vibes. But while continuing, it causes much amount of damage to the brain that is indecipherable. If the intake is severe then it completely affects the nerves of the brain, memory-impairing vision and speech effect etc. And there is no chance to form new memories.

4.Junk food

junk food bad for your brain

Junk food is the booming topic in the current world. Everyone is addicted to junk food. That causes obesity and can increase the risk of developing many kinds of diseases like diabetes, brain diseases etc. Many types of researches found that high insulin is due to bad diet, too much intake of junk food. So to keep the brain healthy try to avoid this kind of food.

5.Fried food

Fried food bad for your barin

Fried foods affect the hypothalamus. When the food is fried it contains high calorific because of it absorbs a large number of fats that are present in the oil. It also leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

6.Too salty foods

Too salty foods bad for your brain

Recent studies proved that a high intake of salt causes memory and thinking problems. It also leads to the risk of cardiovascular,  high blood pressure and cognitive impairment. So try to take less salt in your daily diet.

7.Smoked foods

Smoked foods bad for your brain

Sensible termination is that taking smoked foods are health hazards leads to cancer and severe brain damage, impairment and also cause for the memory issues.

8.Trans Fatty acids

Trans fatty acids bad for your brain

Trans fatty acids lead to severe complications in the brain. Intake of such fatty acids affects the functioning of the brain. inflammation may occur and some other diseases like lungs disorder, cancer, and heart diseases etc.


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