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Studies behind the importance of breakfast, most necessary meal of the day!

Why breakfast is the most necessary meal of the day?

breakfast is most necessary meal of the day

Nowadays in this busy schedule, most of the people are skipping the morning meal which is so beneficial. Breakfast is a must and should to everyone from adult to elders irrespective of age groups.
Skipping breakfast is a very bad habit, it later results to many health issues.

Actually, we won't eat nothing from the whole night, means 9 to 10 hours our stomach will be empty. So without fail, start your day with morning meal i.e., breakfast the name itself is having entire meaning, fast=without eating anything. Breaking the fast which is processing from last night (nine to ten hours) breakfast stimulate your metabolism helping you to burn the calories, breakfast is the message to the body to start the burning of incoming calories, to increase the metabolism rate, helps to reduce the obesity, keep the body functioning in a proper manner. Helps to reduce many kinds of diseases and also related to the heart.

10 benefits of eating breakfast:

  • It keeps you on attention.
  • It helps to energize your body.
  • Increases memory power and concentration.
  • Provides long term health.
  • Greater in cognitive levels.
  • Stay active entire day.
  • Subsist happy for the whole day.
  • Helps to control obesity.
  • Controls from appetite.
  • Holds blood sugar levels stable.

Disadvantages of skipping breakfast:

Researches saying that there are many dangerous effects due to skipping the breakfast :

  • Gains heavyweight and leads to obesity.
  • It leads to menstrual irregularities.
  • Leads to Heavy hair loss.
  • High risk of causing cancer, diabetes etc.
  • Effects in cognitive functions.
  • Leads to gas trouble.
  • Can cause migraines

Healthy breakfast choices:

  • Eggs


  • Oatmeal


  • Protein shakes

Protein shakes

  • Fruit salads

Fruit salads

  • Nuts


  • Banana dates smoothie

Banana dates smoothie

So don't skip breakfast anybody there are terrible effects can lead to person die due to the harmful consequences, it takes the minimum of ten to fifteen minutes to complete your breakfast so never, never, never skip!!!.

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