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6 Easy and best natural ways to remove your nail color without using any chemicals

Natural homemade nail removers:

natural home made nail removers

Are you are a nail color addict? Do you want your paint your nails matching to your dress color daily? Is it becoming hard to remove the nail color daily? yes, of course, these days it is easy to remove the nail color within seconds by using nail remover. But you don't know the harm with it. It is made of chemicals which are harmful to your nails. If you use this it will spoil your nails and make them ruin. So I am recommending you the natural ways to remove your nail color. Use these natural ways to pull out your old color. And make your nails healthy and beauty

1.venigar and lemon juice:

venigar and lemon juice

Soak your nails for 5-10minutes in warm water. Use the lemon and vinegar mix and mix it well in a bowl. Now take a cotton ball and rub your painted nails gently. Do this until you remove your old nail polish traces.



We know that perfume is used to spray on your body and make us feel good. But another way you can use the perfume is you can remove the nail color on your nails. Just take a cotton ball and dip little amount of perfume in it and rub your nails with the cotton ball. Then your nail color get vanish.

Are you guys crazy about nail arts:

3.Warm water and dry cloth:

warm water and dry cloth

Take a bowl of warm water and keep your fingers in it until your nail color becomes soft. After that remove your fingers from the bowl and take a dry and rough cloth and take out the nail color from the nails.


tooth paste

Take a white toothpaste and apply on each nail and pull out the nail polish. White toothpaste works best than all other.

5.Dark nail color:

dark nail color

If your nail has an old nail color and if you want to remove it then take a dark color which is darker than old nail color and apply the nail color just a coat on old nail color and immediately take a cotton ball and rub it. It should be done fastly.

6.Hand sanitizer:

hand sanitizer

Are feeling shocked is sanitizer acts a nail remover? Yes, of course, it is used to remove the nail color. Rub your nail with sanitizer gently and you can take off your nail color.
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