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Amazing health benefits and uses of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit:

dragon fruit promotes your health benefits and  uses

Dragonfruit is also called a pitaya or strawberry pear. It is more in nutrients and less in calories. 

Health benefits of pitaya(Dragon fruit):

Help to fight chronic disease:

Free radicals or unstable molecules that cause cell damage, which may lead to inflammation and disease.

Antioxidants by working reduce the inflammation and cell damage.

They contain vitamin C, Betalains, Carotenoids.

Loaded with fiber:

Although fiber is well known for digestion, it also proved that it will keep several heart diseases away. Managing 2 types of diabetes and maintaining body weight.

Promotes a healthy gut:

Dragon fruit promotes two healthy bacterias :
lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria. Regular consuming can reduce the risk of indigestion.

Strengthen your immunity system:

The vitamin C and carotenoids in the dragon fruit boost the immune system and prevent infection by protecting your white blood cells from danger.

Boost low iron levels:

Dragon fruit mainly contains iron. It plays an important role in breaking down food and energy. It also contains vitamin C which increases the body to absorb iron.

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