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tips for dry lips using natural remedies and get smooth and pink lips


hoe to get smooth lips and avoid dry lips

Everyone is facing the problem of dry lips. Not only in winter but also in other seasons. It may be due to excess heat. Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It is usually faced with a major problem of dry lips. Not only due to the change of season and temperature but also due to the lack of vitamins we usually intake in our food and due to the chemical products of lipsticks we are using today. So, to get smooth and wonderful pinkish lips the tips can make your lips to get rid of dry lips. 

Natural ingredient to smoothen your lips:

Coconut oil:

coconut keeps your lips smooth

Apply coconut oil to your lips then get instant hydration.
Coconut oil helps to boost the overall health of your skin including the skin on your lips. It contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), making it easier for your skin to absorb. 
It helps our body to absorb more vitamin 'E', which works to prevent the production of cell-damaging free radicals


aloe-vera gel keeps your lips smooth

Aloe-vera helps to soothe your lips and tend your lips smooth
Aloe vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe your skin and relieve stinging sensations. 

for more pink lips see this you will be surprised after seeing a result:

Rose water and honey:

remove dryness of lips with honey and rose water

Mix rose water and honey and apply to your lips keep it for 15 minutes and wash it. It helps like a deep moisturizer 

Castor oil:

castor oil keeps your lips moist

It keeps your lips smooth and keeps your lips moist. Apply it frequently.


butter keeps your lips smooth

Apply butter to your lips before sleeping then you will get pink and smooth lips 

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