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Amazing health benefits of basil seeds which shocks you

Health benefits of basil seeds:

health benefits of basil seeds for summer.

We have known about these black sweet seeds having nutrients.  It is known for its immunity boosting properties. They do not contain calories. They are rich in antioxidants which helps in controlling diabetes. Also to have healthy skin.

Weight loss:

basil seeds are used for weight loss

Basil seeds are known for its alpha-linolenic acid. These seeds help in boosting the fat by burning up the metabolism of the body.

What to do:

adding basil seeds in your food items can reduce weight

Add them in falooda and other favorite food items.

Reduce body heat:

basil seeds reduce body heat

It contains one of the best body coolants during summer. It lowers your body heat.

What to do:

basil seeds water can reduce body heat

Add two spoons of basil seeds for one cup of water and drink every day.

Controls blood sugar levels:

basil seeds helps to control blood sugar levels

They slow down the metabolism preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Thus, controlling blood sugar levels.

Relives constipation and bloating:

basil seeds relives constipation and bloating

They naturally detox your body and smooth bowel movements. It acts as a stomach cleanser.

What to do:

basil seeds in coconut water relives constipation

Replace your lemonade with coconut water in normal water and basil seeds in lemon.

Treats acidity and heartburn:

They soothe the stomach burn by removing toxins from your body. they neutralize the acidity effect of HCL.

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