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How to apply lipstick perfectly and properly by using easy tricks

How to apply lipstick properly:

how to apply lipstick properly

The first and foremost beautiful finishing touch of makeup is lipstick. We women can't finish the makeup without lipstick. It gives us a pink lip making a face beautiful. It became a part of fashion these days for women. Such a lipstick if we apply more perfectly will give the most beautiful look. But sometimes if we don't apply it perfectly can bleed from our mouth or touching lips or faded. The following amazing tips can make like those problems away:

apply lipstick properly

We need

  • Nourishing lip balm/lip conditioner
  • A lip liner
  • con cleaner
  • compact powder
  • Your favorite lipstick

Apply the lip balm:

apply lipbalm

The first and foremost thing we should do is applying a lip balm or moisturizer to your lips that make soft and make it easy to apply the lipstick.

Apply the base:

apply the base

If you have worried about the lipstick that may cause damage to your lips it is compulsory to apply a base. It makes sure that lipstick will not sink into the lips.

Apply the lip liner:

apply the lip liner

Trace out your natural lip outline with a lip liner from one corner to another. This makes sure that the lipstick will be applied in a perfect manner.

Apply the lipstick:

apply the lipstick

Chose your favorite lipstick and start to apply within the corners of lip liner. Intensify the color by applying coats and coats.

Have the con cleaner blush:

have the con cleaner blush

Use a small con cleaner blush. This is optional if you want that pouty look.

Tips to apply lipstick:

tips to apply lipstick

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