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Surprising benefits of ragi for a good health

Health benefits of ragi:

health benefits of ragi

We all know that cereals are a good source for a healthy life. Most of us neglect to eat those as they are tasteless. But some of them are eating as they are dieting or some other reasons. One of the most nutrition cereal is ragi. It has a lot of health benefits. Including this, in your diet, you can get 5-8% protein, 1-2% other extractives, 65-75% carbohydrates, 15-20% dietary fiber, 2.5-3.5% minerals etc....

Weight loss:

ragi help for weight loss

A special amino acid, tryptophan present in ragi helps in curbing appetite.

Increase bone strength:

ragi increase the bone strength

It is loaded with calcium and vitamin D which plays a vital role in bone strength.

Controls diabetes:

ragi controls diabetes

It has a high amount of fiber which can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Reduces cholesterol:

ragi will reduce cholesterol

It reduces cholesterol by reducing plaque formation.

Aids relaxation:

ragi helps for stress relaxation

The abundance of antioxidants reduces stress levels.

Good source of protein and amino acids:

ragi is the good source of protein and amino acids

Which helps in fighting anxiety and depression and also promotes growth releasing hormones.

Treats anemia:

ragi treats anemia

Ragi load up iron and helps in the formation of blood cells in anemic persons.

Helps digestion:

ragi helps in digestion

The high level of dietary fibers in this cereal aids for proper digestion.

Increase lactation:

ragi increase lactation

Ragi is a great source of nutrition for the new mothers and also helps to improve hemoglobin levels.

Reverts skin aging:

ragi reverts skin aging

The vital amino acids methionine and lysine helps in recreation and maintenance of collagen.

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