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Top home remedies for the skin problems during summer

Protect face from skin problems

protect from skin problems in summer

During summer due to the heavy heat accompanied cause for a number of rashes and other skin allergies. This weather is not a friend of our skin. The extreme skin wave is most likely for irritating skin. The sweat produced cause to form pimples, blackheads and other skin problems. There are a number of home remedies to get rid of these summer skin problems. 


follicutitis can be prevented by neem face pack

A follicle os an open out where every hair on the skin grows. Folliculitis is the infection during summer.

What to do:

neem can reduce the folliculitis

To get rid of folliculitis boil neem leaves and then mix with clean water. Have a bath with this in the affected areas.

Oily skin:

in summer most of the people feel skin is oily

The Summer season can make the skin to shine due to its oil texture. Some the scrubbers can make to avoid oily skin but they will not work no longer.

What to do:

Make the paste of ground oatmeal with a spoon of honey. Apply the paste on the face.

Heat rash:

heat rashes will occur in summer

This is the most common skin issue that most of the people face during summer. Heat rash is caused due to the sweat clogged ducts. When the precipitation is trapped within the sweat glands and is unable to come above the skin and is accumulated under the skin forms itchy spots on the skin.

What to do:

aloevera will reduce the skin rashes

Prepare some aloe-vera pulp from aloe-vera leaves. Apply it twice or thrice a day. It can cure the itchy and burning sensation. (You Can use any scrubber also)

Sun allergy:

in summer sun allergies may occur

Sun allergy is the other most common skin problem for those who have high skin sensitivity. This is commonly found for those who will stay in outdoors during high temperature.

What to do:

You can prevent this sun allergy by avoiding to go in the sun. This can be helpful for curing this.


the most problem is sunburn in summer

When your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays during summer can give you a burn. Sunburn is painful and it makes the skin to turn into the dark. Sunburn is most common in the areas exposed.

What to do:

coconut oil will reduce the sunburn

Take a spoon of sour curd with coconut oil. Apply to the affected area gives good results.

Summer acne:

in summer acne will come

Acne is not only the problem in summer but it is active during summer. Due to the excess oil secretion from the sweat pores can increase the conditions of acne.

What to do:

tulsi leaves will reduce acne in summer

Add  15 number of tulsi leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it boil till the water is half in the bowl. keep this in the refrigerator. You can use this to wash the face and surely you will get relief from the summer acne.

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